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SuiteTrack’s one-on-one Executive Coaching helps women professionals identify and develop the competencies required for transition to the next level of leadership within their organizations in a focused, personal setting.


Erin Wolf brings elements of her work experience and her Executive MBA teaching to her one-on-one executive coaching. Her coaching focuses on identifying and developing the competencies required for exceptional leadership and fortifying current leadership strengths At the end of the coaching contract, Erin and her client will have identified strengths and areas for improvement and worked to increase her awareness and performance in these areas. 


Topics often addressed are:


  1. 360 Degree leadership + DiSC Personality Profile

  2. Interpersonal dynamics

  3. Executive identity, presence and perception

  4. Management communication and influence

  5. Leading teams: internal and external

  6. Managing diverse constituents

  7. Dealing with divergent motivations and stressors


Given that much of Erin’s background is in strategic planning, she often works with clients to create their own personal strategic plan including goals, strategies to achieve goals and metrics. She serves as an accountability partner to help them create short-term action items for longer-term goals. 

SuiteTrack’s Executive Coaching generally consists of face-to-face or Webex meetings over a 6-month to one-year period. At the beginning of the coaching relationship, Erin identifies coaching needs by having in-person, one-on-one meetings with her client, her client's manager(s), her team and any others identified as stakeholders in her career. 

During the tenure of the coaching relationship, Erin is available for ad-hoc calls between Skype or in-person meetings to deal with time sensitive issues.

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