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In her keynote speeches, Erin Wolf challenges audiences to think and act.


She explores leadership competencies and nuances in the workplace in an engaging and participatory fashion. Erin tailors each presentation to meet her clients’ specific business focus by connecting with select corporate leaders within the organization. Her speeches are designed to address those issues that are important to her clients. 


Erin's most popular topics include:


Understanding the Unwritten Rules of Business

Many obstacles to women’s achievement have been widely documented such as lingering cultural norms and unconscious bias. But there is still one hurdle that is rarely acknowledged and may be the most important: Understanding the Unwritten Rules of Business. There are all sorts of implicit rules in the workplace that are expected to be followed. Men often “get it” but many times women don’t. If you don’t know the rules of the game, how are you ever going to be able to play it? From her background as a scholarship athlete, Erin learned the unwritten rules early in life. In this speech, Erin brings her knowledge of the rules to life, explores what’s behind them and what the implications might be of breaking them.

The Power Project: Own your Ambition

For most women, power, ambition and money are three topics you never discussPast societal norms make women shy away from appearing too ambitious. In this talk, Erin introduces the audience to different types of power and stresses why having power is important to the success of anyone's career. 

Language, Communication & Influence

Style of speech is more important than content. Understanding the importance of adopting a high-influence style can mean the difference between being heard in the workplace and being ignored. From her years working in high-pressure, male dominated environments such as Wall Street, Erin learned how to adopt a style of speech that enabled her to be heard without ever being someone she’s not. In this speech, Erin discusses what constitutes effective communication in the workplace and gives audiences concrete tools to immediately improve their ability to succeed. Her audiences also learn how to use current skills to gain influence and achieve their desired outcomes by moving from low-power to high-power speech. You can be heard in the workplace without relinquishing your authenticity.

"Everyone is talking today at Alston & Bird about what an effective speaker you are and how interesting your talk was last night. Thank you so much for sharing your insights and experiences with us."

PARTNER, Alston & Bird

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