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SuiteTrack’s Men As Change Agents program is for men who want to develop higher-performing teams through gender diversity.


As the workplace continues to diversify, managing change and people has become more complex. Individual aspiration and motivators have become less clear and traditional methods for maintaining a positive, productive team may no longer be effective. This program is designed to help male leaders understand and manage a more diverse workforce.

While Men as Change Agents focuses on men working with women in the workplace, many of the concepts discussed can be applied to any underrepresented group in the workplace.


The program is designed as ½ day or 1 day of workshops at the client site. It is held in a safe, confidential setting where participants feel free to speak and share ideas openly. Specific sessions include:


  • Gender, Attitudes, Stereotypes and Behaviors

  • Building a Diverse and Inclusive Culture

  • How to Be a Male Advocate

"Working with Erin on how to attract, retain, and develop the women on my team has improved the moral and performance of everyone involved. I am now more aware of my leadership style and that of my direct reports."


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